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working hard but where is the pay-off

Working hard, have many “Irons in the fire.” Wednesday – yesterday – viewed 12 houses in Heatherwood neighborhood, and went to my real estate class in Longmont plus had a lunch one on one with Mike Moratelli who is both a past client and a mortgage lender (he met more for the latter I think).  And I worked at remax for awhile and then was just totally wiped out. Trying so many new things, and calling folks like I’m supposed to – though not Wednesday and turning out to be no calls on Thursday either.   So, where is the reward? Well, will work through my pile of stuff and meet the photographer at 4:30 for Nancy’s house.


Sunday Open House

I’m getting better organized with my open houses and more comfortable. Had forteen distinct groups come through this past Sunday and got several names, numbers, email addresses.  quite a variety too, young/old, neighbors, buyers, looky-lou’s.  Most folks chatted with me, as usual one gruff guy felt the house was $30,000 over priced.  🙂

Had goodie boxes, water bottles (I bring too much water to these), info sheets and a seller book (that is a lot of info to share, as I had an opportunity and probably over-spoke to potential client.

Today, Monday, maded 10 dialed calls, but only spoke to about half that many people. Sending a lot of cards and have a great suggestion for “Fishing for Buyers” goldfish in a baggie suggestion. Need to knock out my Pop-by’s.


Oh god

I’m taking the Brian Buffini course Peak Producers. We have been told to journel, so here I am. First, I need to somehow – at any expense – get control of my keyboard. The mouse jumps, I delete stuff, all sorts of annoyances. Like the two paragraphs lost a few moments ago.  Things I’m learning in the course: HAS. Habits.Attitude. Skills. Need all three. Enthusiasm. It wanes in this career, recharge mine. Focus. 

Seven Threats to my realty career; No system for lead generation, difficulty weathering emotionally the ups and downs of career, not standing out in a sea of options, no structure/time line, inability to manage my cash flow, inconsistency.

There is a picture of a stool. With three legs. The legs represent Sales and Marketing (CEO hat), Financial Management (CFO Hat) and Customer Service (COO).  I should be spending most of my day as COO, but need to consider, every minute I work at CEO – the rainmaker, lead generator is worth seven (7) times as much time in any other portion of my business.

Establish written goals. Get control of my database. Optimize my time.  Avoid being a transactional agent – “Find ’em, Fleece ’em, Forget ’em” This easily sums up the first several years of my career.   Need to be focused on PBO – Professional Bussiness Operator…that doesn’t quite sound right.

Ideas from day one that resonated; house warming party (7 levels too), use facebook to watch my A+, A connections and be in their lives. My database is the core of my career. Eliminate the “not gonna use me folks so I can focus on the Target.”

I’m at risk of being a bumblebee – buzzing around to the latest, greatest, shiniest object. Don’t do that. Prioritize my career, use the Pre-Leave technique to get control of my office space. Critical I use best time towards people, time blocking, activities.  And when I’m calling around and lose clients/folks, they leave for all sorts of reasons and I need a positive attitude when this happens.

IOV – well, for my business, this is a convergence of ideas – 33 touch Reg, 8×8; plus 20 connects Eric Olsen and A+,A calls Buffini, 7 Levels.  B-days, home anniversaries, Send Out Cards and notes.  Just need to find a way to be the most consistent in this process.  Remember – Re-Boot. What I tell folks in Facebook is as important as what I do.

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